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Cover Art by Kirsten Meinert
Press quotes on I KNOW MY ENEMIES (2021):

„I Know My Enemies is creative, unique and addicting. This second album has got now flaws. A miracle“ (Rock‘n‘Force)

„Masterpiece: There is far too much good stuff going on, on this exceptional collection to call out every song (…) How can this band sound so hot damned fine! 10/10“ (Metal Temple)

„An obligatory album for everyone concerned with rock or metal, especially the old school. The second work from this cmbo turns put to be legendary. (…) Above all is the technical perfetion to which one can only raise their hats. (…) A completely perfect variation of vintage rock. (Metal Underground)
„I Know My Enemies shows another huge step for a genre that‘s already had a major impact on the world of rock music, mixing some of hound‘s smoothest riffs ever ever with some very enjoyable classic rock influences mixed in for good measure.“ (Izzy Sabbath @Skateboard Marketing)

„Definitely an album that you have to listen to. I adore it and can‘t wait for the next.“ (Greek Rebels)

„Hard Rock which not only heavy, but also very complex and multilayered. It‘s groovy, funky and sometimes Hound even go for punky speed. It‘s a pleasure.“ (Bleeding 4 Metal)

„It‘s a versatile Hard Rock album, that shines with it‘s vocal and instrumental finesse and doesn‘t stop from giving influcenes from funk, psych rock and punk rock some space. Putting into force all of these styles with skill the songs sound like one overarching story to which you can swing and drift away und even have some real hits on board.“ (Sea Of Tranquility)

„The band‘s sound is convincing from the first till the last minute. And the band manages, also because of their technical skill, to sound fresh and new and to convey emotions. And that‘s something you can‘t say of many vintage rock groups.“ (Daredevil Records)
„The album mashes up styles, but in a way that is honest and unapologetic in its both its intent and its delivery. And that is where its beauty lies.“ (Uber Rock)

„One could page over page on ‚I Know My Enemies‘. I am completely hooked by the longplayer. In the end everyone should discover the world of this band on their own and dive into to mysterious, dark and yet hopeful stories.“ (Musika Magazine)
Cover Art by Kirsten Meinert
Press quotes on SETTLE YOUR SCORES (2018):

„The whole album is a self-contained master piece.“ (Zephyr‘s Odem)

„The energy the radiates is like a run-away nuclear plant.“ (Rock Tribune)

„A very ambitious band with very extra ordinary songs.“ (Rock Hard)

„This is a breathtaking album. One of my favorite releases of the year. Share and praise it!“ (Velho Coyote)

„There‘s not many bands in today‘s music that can actually surprise a critic (…) but they are doing their thing so good, it‘s difficult not to get hooked by the atmosphere and intensity of their songs.“ (Metalglory)

„There's not a single bad track on this album.“ (Spaderess)

„A promising and coherent Classic Rock cocktail by a very talented combo, an adrenaline driven debut!“ (FFM-Rock)

"Hound have raised the bar to mix in amped up hard rock, way cool guitar riffs, wrapping it up with cool lyrics." (The Metal Meltdown)

„This album put a spell on me. Chapeau! A granate of an album!“ (Crossfire)

„Do we really need another band reviving the heroes of the 60s and 70s? To be honest I have no idea. But a band like Hound which performs the classic Hard Rock so joyful and pure, one will always need!“ (Handwritten Mag)

„(The album) sounds very fresh, is so fun and captures the feeling of Classic Rock so perfectly, is very emotional and spulful and most importantly played with a lot of passion.“ (

„Hound are not a retro band in the sense that they are trying to recreate a sound that came from a bygone age, what Hound are doing here is more about celebrating that sound and reinvigorating it for a new audience while at the same time putting their own spin on things. There is a real feeling of satisfaction and joy running through each and every song on "Settle Your Scores" it almost feels at times as if these guys cannot believe that they are actually pulling this whole classic rock thing off and doing it with such ease and aplomb. (…) You‘re going to love this.“ (Stonerking)

„An intense and stirring album from the first note to the last.“ (Loudandproud)
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