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In 2014 HOUND emerged from the abyss disguised as a sheep to bring back the sound of 70s Hard Rock. But their true form was quickly discovered: a five-headed hellhound. Soon HOUND would spread havoc in the underground live music clubs of europe and earn the reputation of a unique and savage live group.

After releasing two EPs HOUND joined forces with Metalville Records (and Rough Trade Distri.) in 2018, releasing their first album SETTLE YOUR SCORES. Their debut was eagerly anticipated by the international press and music scene and would haunt the US Rock radio charts for weeks. A true vintage rock gem everybody could agree on: „dynamite stuff“ (Sea Of Trainquility Mag, US) and a „flawless masterpiece“ (Zephyr's Odem, GER) by a young group that „radiates energy like a run-away nuclear plant“ (Rock Tribune, BEL).

In spring 2021 Hound presented their second album „I Know My Enemies“, a dark and intense piece of rock music. The songwriting is more mature, yet more versatile and playful than the first album. Again Hound made themselves comfy in the european and american rock radio charts, being called a „masterpiece“ (Metal Temple, INT.), a „miracle“ (Rock‘n‘Force, FR) and „a perfect variation of vintage rock“ (Metalunderground, AT).

But Hound are never satisfied and already working on their next piece…

  • Uppen EP (2014)
  • Awful Fellow EP (2017)
  • Settle Your Scores / Metalville Records (2018)
  • I Know My Enemies / Metalville Records (2021)
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